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Designing and Building Your Narrowboat
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If you know exactly what you want from your boat, give us the details and we can build it for you. If you are planning on buying your first boat, then come and have a chat and use our 26 years of experience to help you decide on what you want and need.

We can build your boat in any length, common requests being 46, 56 and 57ft.

We can build your shell with the stern style of your choice:-


This boat is built in the style of the traditional craft, retaining the hull style reminiscent of the working boats, but with crew comfort in mind.

The boatman’s cabin area is extended to the rear, covering the engine compartment.  This provides a side covered standing area for the Helmsman when the sliding hatch is pushed forward.



With a large rear deck, the cruiser style is a more sociable boat, with good safety aspects, and seating for four people.



With the lines of a traditional boat and a social stern end, this boat offers the best of both worlds, with the cabin sides swept round to give protection from the weather and with lockers on both sides gives good seating accommodation.