Sailaway Narrowboat. Specification.

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Sailaway Narrowboat. Prices.
Sailaway Narrowboat. Specification.
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The Sailaway is sold as a waterproof shell fitted with ballast and engine. This enables the owner to use the boat as a ‘camper’ whilst fitting out the interior.


The ‘Sailaway’ consists of:


Ballast:  Adequate ballast is installed into a bitumen prepared base.


Floor:  Treated plywood floor is fitted within the cabin area.


Windows: Gold anodized windows or portholes fitted to your  specification.


Door:  Traditional craft: Twin steel doors to the rear and sliding hatch. Front doors are hardwood and glazed or steel to your instructions.     

       Cruiser craft: Hardwood doors are installed to both front & rear.   


Engine: Isuzu engine and matched gearbox Installed with standard instrumentation and controls. Others available as optional extra.


Electrics:  Single 12 volt battery supplied for starting the engine.


Paint: Hull finished in one coat International 192 primer. Hull is blacked, not base.