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Price Rises
Unfortunately, like most other builders, we have had to increase our prices due to the recent steep rises in the price of steel.
Smaller Builders
Whilst we have seen the cost of our materials increase, the affect on smaller builders has been more dramatic.
We have all heard recently of smaller builders going out of business, with their customers losing tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.
Other smaller builders are struggling to get hold of steel or struggling with credit limits that now do not cover enough to get the steel to build the boats they have on order.
That is why more and more people are ordering from "Liverpool Boat Company". As the largest builder of steel canal boats in the UK, our steel suppliers give us first refusal on their steel stocks. We also have a 26 year trading history, so people know their deposits are safe with us. If you look at the details of our payments, you will see that just a 500 deposit secures your build slot.