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On All Boats 

  • Deposit 500.00 

Boats costing up to 12,000.00

  • Three weeks before build 3,000.00
  • Balance due on completion

 Boats Costing up to 35,000.00

  • Three weeks before build 6,000.00
  • When shell is completed  10,000.00
  • Balance on completion

 Boats costing over 35,000.00

  • Three weeks before build  6,000.00
  • When shell is completed 10,000.00 
  • Half way to completion 10,000.00
  • Balance on completion

Earliest delivery dates at present time are:-

Narrowboat Shells,                                                Approx 8-10 weeks

Narrowboat Sailways                                             Approx 4-5  months

Narrowboat Sailaway Lined                                  Approx 4-5  months

Narrowwboat Fullyfitted                                        Approx 6     months 

Widebeams Shells, Sailaways and Part-Fitted     Approx 4-5  months

Widebeams Fullyfitted                                          Approx 3      months


The above times can change, so please contact us for details of the current time you will wait between ordering and delivery of your boat.